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True Tantra EU Let your body transmute its sexual energy, open up your chakras and achieve 3 different orgasm types with the Sacred Journey Tantric massage performed by a Tantric massage expert who has undergone intensive training. The Absolute Tantra experience is a two hour sacred journey which will begin with you learning some basic and Tantric breathing and the “Sacred Locks” techniques. You will then have your intimate energies awakened through an ancient adoration and Shamanic ritual. This energy seduction will allow the “Sacred Touch” to be performed which will relax you completely and motivate your sacred and sexual energies. This Tantric massage session takes place without clothing intentionally to prevent the obstruction of energy flows an allow for complete movements of the body and proper application by the Tantric masseur.

A luxurious Tantric massage with careful attention to detail

The massage strokes that are applied are done so with careful and attention and slow movements which will give you the time to allow yourself to release your body and transport your mind to the correct state to continue the Tantra. The next step when you are at this state is a Kundalini massage performed in your Lingam, followed by your prostate. The Lingam massage will awaken powerful energies in your body; in conjunction with the prostate massage you will be able to fully experience non-ejaculative types of orgasm. The prostate massage allows for an inner connection to be made between your physical body and your energy. To allow you further orgasmic experiences, awakening every erotic marma in your body will allow you to experience 3 more orgasms; the inner orgasmo, a Ki Orgasm and a retro-ejaculation. The whole Tantric massage – Sacred Journey process takes 2 hours and will teach you how to control your sexual energy and cultivate it allowing your mind to achieve a higher state of sexual awareness. The session will end with a final relaxation and Tantric meditation.



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